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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Oh my, it's been such a long while since I've sat here on Saturday morning, reading posts, and reaching inside to find out what I have to say that needs sharing. 

For some reason this week's topic, Do-Over, struck a chord and today, I want to talk about worms.  Hahaha... I am sensing a lot of double-takes and re-reads will happen with that.  Let me explain. 

I live in a town that is fairly serious about recycle, reduce, reuse.  We have a town ordinance against Styrofoam which ever biodegrades.  Please think about that the next time you stop at a coffee place and receive a Styrofoam cup, or take away food in leftovers in one of those containers.  It is much more inexpensive to bring your own reusable container, as well as less damaging to your environment.

My friend, Tanya, embarked on a school project in October with her children to help their school recycle more.  What started as a wish to make sure each class had a recycling bin in it, became a project that blossomed and grew into something much larger.  Since then, they've cut back their waste by 32% - almost a third!  So every third child in that school is producing no waste.  She also started vermiculture with her kids as a science fair project.  This appealed to me as I compost all my kitchen waste - I want a garden this year - and she encouraged me to get a book and get started.  Living in Maine, my compost either freezes or if I put it outside, feeds the little woodland creatures.  I don't mind sharing with them, but I would like some compost. 

Having read about composting worms, and purchased a place for them to live - in my kitchen - I am now feeding them my kitchen waste, which they eat and process, and their castings make great soil enrichment for my houseplants now, and my garden when Spring finally comes to Maine.  There is no smell or noise, and I feel that I am doing a larger part for my corner of the world. 

This planet belongs to our children and we must tend her needs - that is our only Do-Over.  Findings ways to do that, small and large, I feel is my responsibility.  I hope you will look for ways to do-over things in your world!


  1. Changing the world, one apple core at a time! ILYBM!

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