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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life, easing onto the new path to check out the flora and fauna down this way, seeing new wildlife and following leaves down a stream for so long that at some point you look up and find yourself looking back and wondering how you got here?  This is where I find myself today - looking up and realizing that while I have enjoyed meandering for awhile, I see sunlight ahead and I want to move forward towards a place where I can meet up with my friends, stretch out, and see more of the world.  This is the place to do that.

In July I attended Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within, and spent 4 amazing days with 6000 other people overcoming our fears and transforming our lives.  You may have read about this event in San Jose, or seen it on the news.  It was said that 21 people were hospitalized with severe burns.  They were not - and this was later retracted.  Out of 6000 people, 21 people were treated for minor burns - akin to a sunburn.  Not a bad percentage, but then again, 6000 people successfully walked over 1200-2000 degree coals doesn't make a great headline - 3 million people have already done this.

Reading that, you may think, were they crazy?  It wasn't done, as Tony says, to 'teach new picnic skills'.  It teaches that you can do anything you set your mind to doing.  It is about programming your mind toward success, and letting go of your fears and limiting beliefs.  It creates freedom to do anything. In a state of certainty, you can do anything you want to do.  I cannot fully express my gratitude for this life-altering experience.  I have the t-shirt - FIREWALKER - Fear Into Power.  I have no photos or video of me doing this, just the power of the moment.

You can watch Oprah do it here:

This was not even the best part of the event!  For me, that was Transformation Day.  I let go of fears that I didn't even know existed within me.  It felt like I untied knots in my chest that had been there for years and years - going back to when I was a child, and when our family lost my sister suddenly and tragically, and all manner of hurts and injustices and trauma that occur in any life.

The thing I learned that day was that all the energy I gave to that negativity, without even realizing it, caused stresses in my mind and body, and blocked so many good memories.  We did an exercise where we released old hurts and fears, and replaced them with moments of happiness and joy.  I remembered as a young child, 3 or 4 at most, when I was in the car with my entire family asleep but for my dad.  We were driving to West Virginia to visit my grandparents and I woke in the middle of the night, and he told me to come sit with him.  I sat in his lap and he let me 'drive' the car!  I couldn't see his hands on the wheel - I was focusing on the stretch of road within the headlights.  That one  moment, snuggled in my father's arms and isolated in time, came to me when I needed to fill in the holes the negative energy left open.  Such a good memory, such a warm and loving time and space.

Today, I read Dishwasher 6's blog - and you should too - and encouraged her to do more of that - to gift herself with the time and energy to blog and to connect with the people who found her through her blog.  I am taking my own advice and dipping my toes back into the water.

To read Dishwasher 6 - click here -

Thanks for visiting!  I am off to dust off the cobwebs and tidy up around here.  I will be reading your blogs as well! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Oh my, it's been such a long while since I've sat here on Saturday morning, reading posts, and reaching inside to find out what I have to say that needs sharing. 

For some reason this week's topic, Do-Over, struck a chord and today, I want to talk about worms.  Hahaha... I am sensing a lot of double-takes and re-reads will happen with that.  Let me explain. 

I live in a town that is fairly serious about recycle, reduce, reuse.  We have a town ordinance against Styrofoam which ever biodegrades.  Please think about that the next time you stop at a coffee place and receive a Styrofoam cup, or take away food in leftovers in one of those containers.  It is much more inexpensive to bring your own reusable container, as well as less damaging to your environment.

My friend, Tanya, embarked on a school project in October with her children to help their school recycle more.  What started as a wish to make sure each class had a recycling bin in it, became a project that blossomed and grew into something much larger.  Since then, they've cut back their waste by 32% - almost a third!  So every third child in that school is producing no waste.  She also started vermiculture with her kids as a science fair project.  This appealed to me as I compost all my kitchen waste - I want a garden this year - and she encouraged me to get a book and get started.  Living in Maine, my compost either freezes or if I put it outside, feeds the little woodland creatures.  I don't mind sharing with them, but I would like some compost. 

Having read about composting worms, and purchased a place for them to live - in my kitchen - I am now feeding them my kitchen waste, which they eat and process, and their castings make great soil enrichment for my houseplants now, and my garden when Spring finally comes to Maine.  There is no smell or noise, and I feel that I am doing a larger part for my corner of the world. 

This planet belongs to our children and we must tend her needs - that is our only Do-Over.  Findings ways to do that, small and large, I feel is my responsibility.  I hope you will look for ways to do-over things in your world!