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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"You can't get there from here"...

This expression is often used with a heavy accent to point out the fact that roads and routes do not seem to follow a linear pattern in Maine.   The more I drive in Maine, the more I understand why people say this.  Today,  I headed out to find my new equine vet in the town of Gray, and people used this expression twice giving me directions.  I did not have a high level of confidence that I would find it.  One stop and one phone call later, I arrived unscathed but thoroughly confused on how I'd actually achieved the feat.  I have the navigation gene from my father.... BAMMIT!!  In conversation, I was told that many of these 'roads' (and I use the term loosely) in Maine used to be parts of farms - cow paths that were paved over. 

Due to the complete improbability of returning home on the path that led me safely there,  I took a different road (wrong turn) and headed off on adventure... ohmy.  Uhm.. GPS, you say?  Yes, that would be lovely, but it was even more confused than I was, hence my return trip brought me home to Freeport from Gray through Cumberland.   (I can feel all Mainers shaking their head... and tsk-ing right now.)  My cell phone was likewise useless.  I went Southwest for a while only to turn and come back Northeast. So, basically, I drove in a circle for almost an hour.  Ay caramba!

I do not like being lost.  I usually call it "finding a new way to my destination", but today, I felt like I was wasting time and gas. 

On a positive note, I did see some beautiful horse barns, some lovely houses, beautiful landscaping and plants blooming.  Also, while I was driving in circles, the sun made a brief appearance to reacquaint me with what is supposed to be Spring.  It has gone back behind the clouds now that I am back in my driveway. 

Next time, I hope to find a better way home... and just in case, maybe I should bring another form of navigation. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Notes to self....

I believe it is important to go back periodically so you can see how far you've come.  To begin here, I'm going to re-trace my steps.  This was some good advice I have tried to follow for the past 3 years, a compilation of lessons I've learned and have written down to remember.  

Notes to Self,

Do not be so driven by your vision that you negate the input of others. Your gifts are meant to be shared with those who contribute to the richness of your soul. These blessings in your life should be combined.

Take time to reflect, and be cautious about being caught up in a timeline of your own making.  The world evolves as it will.  Be open to it and let it fill you.  You cannot fill it with trivialities no matter how you try.  The universe laughs when you make plans.

Never regret reaching out your hand.  No matter how often it is slapped away or ignored, this act of love is so much more than the simplest of gestures. Your heart is there.

There is a fine line between owning who and what you are and bragging about it.  Should you find yourself not lost in the majesty and enormity of what has been given to you, step back and remember that you are no more than the conduit of some great magic.  Humility should be your key word.  To whom much has been given, much is expected.

Always remember in each moment that you are loved.  Should you go through your life with nothing more than that, then you would be rich.  To pass on your way with the diversity of people who share your journey and to live each of those moments to their fullest is to lead a worthwhile existence.


Find wonder.  

Seek happiness.  




Manifest your life.

Choose joy.